www.ezCampaigns.com was created in 2004 by a few V-Empower developers to mass produce web presence for political candidates. The largest customer using www.ezCampaigns.com was DLCC (Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee). They engaged us to build over 30 websites in State of Iowa House and Senate races.

This project was coordinated by Raghu Devaguptapu who was the political director of DLCC in 2006. This application was built in Dot Net and due to emerging technologies; we decided to shut down www.ezCampaigns.com in mid 2011.

In about 6 years of its operations, we built the website of the following political parties and candidates:
  • Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas
  • County Executive Jack Johnson of Prince George’s County, Maryland
  • County Executive Doug Duncan
  • Delegate Marvin Holmes of Maryland
  • Delegate Aisha Braveboy of Maryland
  • Delegate Derrick Davis for Maryland
  • Delegate Jon Cardin of Maryland
  • Senator John Giannetti of Maryland
  • School Board Member Edward Burroughs III of Prince George’s County, Maryland
  • School Board Member Amer Waller of Prince George’s County, Maryland
  • Many Congressional, Legislative, Municipal and School Board Candidates

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